Sunday, 25 September 2016

Real Madrid left two points in Gran Canaria to Las Palmas (2-2) for a goal conceded in the final minutes of a game that seemed to have controlled after a good second half in which Karim Benzema had scored the second goal nothing but taking the field.

The white team, from strength to strength during the match and after a first matched half, received the punishment shortly after the final in a play in which the Argentine Araujo took a rebound in a dispute with Kiko Casilla to match the shock, although the madridistas follow leaders.

Zinedine Zidane made changes at once, removing the BBC with the substitution of Benzema, and recovering at Modric as assistant Kroos to fill the gap left Casemiro. It also included as a new entry to Marco Asensio, scored the first goal.

The intention of the French coach to play in the attacking half just was fulfilled in the first period, because his team almost always threatened with greater danger after stealing the ball and quick exit. The right flank, with Carvajal and Bale, grabbed the rush, though curiously the first goal originated from the opposite side.

Nacho, novelty also in the starting eleven for the injured Marcelo stole the ball from behind and surprised with a quick arrival to the area; He repelled his shot with his left hand Javi Varas, but was killed in the penalty area to Asensio network heading it.

Seville goalkeeper had saved the Union Deportiva before his team in several actions that whites arrived but did not define with a very active Álvaro Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo away from the game, far from its best.

Opposite a Las Palmas when he stops thinking hurts because it is equipped with footballers on the right foot, as Roque Mesa as the hinge all their offensive gear, based on the constant association of his players and the first touch.

Jonathan Viera and Tana had already warned when Real Madrid lowered the pressure, until he came to equalizing Momo, with plenty of time to focus, he puts the ball in the area, combed Varane, and reached Tana, who just missed prepare a coffee before host it on the network.

Before the break, again Varas earn their pay by rejecting a shot of Bale, the Welshman again coming from the right after an opening along Kroos. Yellow only goal leveled the match on the scoreboard, because in the field and looked equally competitive, although their goalkeeper had to dirtier the clothes Casilla.

Bale continued to carry the greatest danger in the second half, with Ronaldo something more active, which was annulled a goal by clear offside, but Real Madrid continued to leave a residue of power have demanded more a rival who, between other things, had a couple of new plants this season.

The Zidane seem to entrust everything to his steal in and out, to exploit the space. He did not mind the white team rival amass the ball without perform a pressure to prevent reflected in the statistics of possession. Neither low Viera, injured in the second half, reduced the mood of Quique Setien.

The Frenchman Benzema pulled His compatriot almost mark on his first touch, in a Corner-, and now with the BBC on the green, and with Morata, Madrid went for the party, with its arsenal and giving a step forward in the field.

The second goal originated after an ambush that ended Benzema, hyperactive since jumped to the turf after a clearance from Cristiano Varas, in an almost calcada action to the first goal.

The Portuguese star was replaced five minutes later, probably thinking about the crash on Tuesday in Dortmund, although the decision did not like to Madeira. And party with the wind in their favor, the only enemy of Madrid seemed to be himself because Liverpool had lost its spark, but the narrowness of the marker remained uncertainty.

Zidane got Isco by Morata, and 22 of the set target joined maneuvers control of the game to take away Las Palmas her greatest treasure, the ball, but in a play alone, with Deportiva Union airless Araujo took advantage of a Vicente Gomez left with much luck after reject his body and Casilla, tie the game.

The final push of whites, and desperate, had no prize, with shots of Benzema and Isco. The Zidane chained their second consecutive draw and leaves the island with the feeling of having lost the game. Hugs players so betrayed Las Palmas.


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