Sunday, 22 November 2015

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The Serie A Football 2015-2016 is the 114th Italian football league and eighty one in a single round. Will begin on August 22, 2015 with the first two advances, and will end on May 15, 2015. As happened in the previous season, the first day will be divided by two advances to Saturday, one at 18.00 and l 'another at 20.45, an advance to Sunday at 18: 00 and the remaining matches Sunday at 20:45. From the 2nd to the 37th day and included, except for midweek and Saturday before Easter, the Sunday seven games will be played at 15:00, with postponement of the evening at 20:45, subject to two advances Saturday (18:00 and 20:45).

As in the previous Football season, were confirmed early and late times, with an advance on Sundays at 12:30.Occasionally, an advance or a postponement to Friday to Monday (with a special cancellation of the Saturday at 18:00 and possibly also of the advance of the lunch hour on Sundays, when the advance of Friday and the postponement of Monday to happen in the same day) for the teams involved in European football competitions. The solution of the Friday and / or Monday will be used in any case not more than seven times. Advances on Saturday and the postponement of Sunday evening will remain fixed and will be safeguarded contemporaneity of six games on Sunday afternoon.

Even in this season, for the ninth consecutive time, with the same score the final ranking is determined by the ranking divorced.

The number of teams and how to qualify for the UEFA Football competitions organized are unchanged from the previous season. At the end of the season, the top three teams will be eligible to participate all'Champions League 2015-2016, the first two in the group stage and the third round of the playoffs, the fourth and fifth placed, however, may enroll to the Europa League 2015-2016, together with the winning team of the Italian Cup. The sixth ranked will be entitled to participate in the Europa League if both Cup finalists Italy are already admitted to European competition.

Catania, Bologna and Livorno, relegated to Serie B in the previous season, the Italian football championship 113th  season will replace their places by the Palermo after just a year's absence, Empoli, who makes his return to the top flight after six years , and promoted Cesena in Serie A thanking to the play off final, after only two years of absence.

This season the Premier League also allows, at the discretion of the individual clubs in the highest category, the optional insertion of a third commercial sponsor on their jerseys (to be added to the technical, for a total of four brands advertising allowed) may be positioned in the back of the uniform, at the base of the numbers game.

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