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Jose Mourinho had predicted the 16 teams that would classify the knockout stages of the World deBrasil but unfortunately failed, and has not missed once but several times and will not hit. While there has the skills octopus "Paul", the Portuguese coach predicting the chain Yahoo Sports has totally been a failure, which has caused the trust for some selections and the challenge for others. Apparently, Mou would not make enemies and chose selections by name and not by how they currently play.

Mou predicted that the eight teams that rank first group are Brazil, Spain, Ivory Coast, Italy, France, Argentina, Germany and Russia, it also stated that the eight teams that occupy the second place in each group are Mexico , Holland, Greece, England, Switzerland, Nigeria, Portugal and Belgium. Let predicting Mou on qualifiers to the knockout stage and their positions in the first or second in each of the eight groups, in addition to the rights and wrongs, then:

- Group A: Mourinho predicted that Brazil and Mexico classified in first and second place.
1 °. Brazil
2 °. Mexico

For now, Mou has itself successful in this group, but it remains to be played the third and last day of the sector, which could completely change the standings, sitting even Croatia. After the end of the three dates of Group A, Mourinho if hit strongly.

- Group B: Mourinho predicted classifying Spain and Holland in first and second place.
1 °. Spain
2 °. Netherlands

The first blunder came to light when Mou predicted that Spain classified to the second round and even started the Spanish team first. Now known that Spain was eliminated and not likely anything. Instead, assorted other Roja, Chile. Even in the first and third day of the second and ranked between Chile and the Netherlands will be known. After the end of the three dates of Group B, Mourinho failed, as in the Netherlands ranked first while Chile was ranked in second place.

- Group C: Mourinho predicted classifying Ivory Coast and Greece in the first and second.
1 °. Ivory Coast
2 °. Greece

Another major flaw was not to include Colombia in the top two places, which instead chose to Greece, which still has a chance of qualifying but will have to beat Ivory Coast in the closure group. In any result, Colombia is already qualified to the second stage, but still have to wait for the last date to know what position it is located and to find out which accompany selection, either Ivory Coast, Japan and Greece. After the end of the three dates of Group C, Mourinho was wrong, because Colombia ranked first while Greece was ranked in second place.

- Group D: Mourinho predicted that Italy and Eng; classified first and second.
1 °. Italy
2 °. England

Another prediction was that Mou has erred in not including Costa Rica. He probably flew into the background of the three champions selections, compared to a participating for the fourth time in a World Cup, however, that he failed is that Costa Ricans already know what is playing in the second round in Italy 1990 and after 24 years returned to play in achieving this instance. The quota for second place is still known on the last day, which is in dispute between Uruguay, England and Italy. After the end of the three dates of Group D, Mourinho totally missed, as they ranked Costa Rica and Uruguay in the first and second place respectively.

- Group E: Mourinho predicted classifying France and Switzerland in first and second place.
1 °. France
2 °. Switzerland

After the end of the three dates of Group E, Mou hit itself, since it has been shown that both teams have qualified for another round, even in the same order.

- Group F: Mourinho predicted that Argentina and Nigeria classified first and second.
1 °. Argentina
2 °. Nigeria

This is another group that Mou has itself completely successful.

- Group G: Mourinho predicted classifying Germany and Portugal in the first and second.
1 °. Germany
2 °. Portugal

Mou got a partial success, hit Germany progressed to the next stage, but failed in Portugal, in its place was the United States.

- Group H: Mourinho predicted classifying Russia and Belgium in first and second place.
1 °. Russia
2 °. Belgium

After the end of the third day of Group H, Belgium and Algeria were classified in the first and second place respectively.

Predictions Round of Mourinho, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final:

Not to this point in the championship, it detail the predictions of the Portuguese coach, because there are teams that were eliminated in Group Stage as Spain, England, Greece, etc. But still we will let the video below, where you can also hear that Mou does not attempt to make predictions, but want to have fun.


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